About Us

The Green Book (Matt)

Matt grew up in Tampa, and has considered himself a foodie since before he knew the term. Beyond food and drink, his passions include science, education, music, the outdoors, and podcasts. He hosts a nominally-bi-weekly podcast with his friend (and web-support resource) Jody. You can find their assorted ramblings at gtradio.net/alyt

As far as food, Matt will eat just about anything (except carrots). He has a special passion (shared by his partner) for charcuterie, and considers himself an "ethicurian", which works out well at most fine-dining spots these days. When it comes to drinking, Matt believes in saying "YES." He loves craft beer, red wines, and cocktails of all stripes.

The Red Book (Mel)

Melissa is a true Tampa native, and a licensed mental health counselor and certified Addiction's Professional/Rehabilitation Counselor. Her undergraduate degree is in criminology and her passion is to work with under-served individuals such as the criminal justice population. You can find her private therapy practice on the web at The Family Center's Website.

Her food journey began more recently than Matt's, but progressed much faster. Today she can rattle off a top ten list for Tampa (or NOLA!) at the drop of a hat, or tell you the difference between prosciutto and speck. She does not drink, but unlike her partner, she always saves room for dessert.

You can email us with recommendations, comments, and other feedback at greenbookredbook@gmail.com