GBRB heads to Miami (Part 1 of 4)

Buns & Buns

S. Beach, Miami


[As you can tell, my wife and I treat restaurants like a hobby. So of course, we watch TV shows about them. One series we followed this year was Tom Colicchio's "Best New Restaurant" on Bravo (you can watch full episodes at that link if you're interested), which is a spin-off of my favorite show: Top Chef. We couldn't help but notice that Tom's show had several Miami restaurants doing battle with places from New York and LA, and the idea for a little sojourn was born. Our schedules were tight, so we decided on just an overnight trip (crashing at a nice Airbnb condo overlooking the water), hitting four different restaurants. Three of those we saw on TV and the fourth was recommended by foodie-friends. Up first, a lunch visit to Buns & Buns:]

From the Green Book: GBBuns

You grab a menu outside and order right inside the door. Seems pretty efficient (but there is pressure to order quickly-- you can't really take your time with the menu). They were on a brunch menu (Sat. & Sun. 11:30-3), and I chose the brisket with fried eggs on ciabatta [bread], a Jai-Alai draft, and a side of fries (for two). Mel got the ribeye with eggs on (I think) the same bread-- That's the concept, btw: every dish showcases a specialty bread. Other brunch choices included smoked salmon benni, Tuna or beef burgers (on house-made buns, obviously), and $2 bellinis and mimosas.

We picked an inside table (actually it was assigned to us by number) and took our seat. My beer arrived less than a minute later, and the fries two minutes after that. The fries were very nice (we skipped the optional truffle oil for $1.5): crisp and hot, sprinkled with fresh herbs, salt & pepper, and served with ramekins of ketchup and "Barry Sauce." [that means remoulade-M]. We'd nearly wiped them out when our mains arrived just about five minutes later. They really move fast here; if you're into that, you'll love it. If not...

The atmosphere is casual, hip, and funky. Comfy and cool on this blistering Miami day. One odd choice: a six foot projection screen on the wall was showing a Law & Order re-run. The wall art was very 3-D, and contained some "industry jokes:" Knives stuck around a painted bull's eye labeled "Drunken Chef games;" A massive glass case full of TP in the toilet with an axe mounted below labeled "In case of emergency, break glass."

My dish was really, really good. It was super-well seasoned (probably too salty for some, but not me) and rich. The brisket was tender, and smothered in a vaguely Korean sauce that also soaked into parts of the bread. The eggs were served on top, and were fried over-medium. I tried it first without the yokes, but I liked it best once the yolk ran over everything. With every component in each bite, it was an absolute smash.
Fud Mel wasn't as happy (see her book), but she agreed mine was awesome.

After lunch, we ordered coffee, and it was great too: pressure-brewed with a lovely creme' on top. I left full and happy (for $56).

4.0 out of 5 from Matt

From the Red Book: RBBuns

French fries: shoestring thin fries that were crisp and well seasoned. Accompanied by an orange saice (maybe mayo + ketchup) and ketchup.

Steak and Eggs: Grass fed beef (ribeye) with over medium eggs, sauteed onions, batter-fried onions, with an orange [colored] sauce (like a tomato-ish sauce but with a little kick) and a brioche bun on the side. Although the ribeye was tough and did not appear to be cooked at medium rare, the flavor was excellent. Unfortunately the egg and sauteed onions could have had more seasoning as they "watered" down the taste of the steak. The brioche was fluffy and delicious. Mels Service: service was amazing and they took care of us.

3.5 out of 5 from Mel

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