Capital Tacos


Land O'Lakes

From the Green Book: GBCTaco You'll find it in a djebroni strip mal on U.S.41/Land O Lakes Blvd, North of Ehern Cuttoff. The inside is tight, but hip, with booths and fixtures made of repurposed construction waste. They've got a self-service cooler with beer and hipster sodas. I had a Ranger IPA, but there were other good options as well. I ordered the "Ranger" and the "West Coast Special" as Tacos, and Mel got the "Texas Flood" as nachos.

The nachos came out first, and holy sh!t. F*ing amazing. There was tender brisket with chipotle BBQ sauce, cheese, and beans on top of super-crisp homemade chips, totally smothered with pickled (but still spicy) jalapenos anb big hunks of fresh avocado.

My tacos were equally awesome. The rance had pulled pork, spicy slaw, and... other stuff. The W. Coast was fried tiger shrimp plus slaw and sauce. I'll try one of the other seafood options next time, but I'll probably get the Ranger and T-Flood again. [We've been back three times since this initial visit, and "The Federale" is my favorite of the seafood tacos. I still don't think the T-Flood Nachos have any match on this Earth- M]

The place got slammed right after we got our food, and we felt rushed to give up our table (there are only around 10, inside and out). This was for the best because I was still nom-ing nachos way past when I was full. I can't believe this place is way the hell up here. If it were in the Heights I'd eat here every week.

Notes: Craft Beers= $3, Tacos are around $4, and all the preparations are available as a Taco, Burrito, Nachos, etc.

This is a 5 for me

From the Red Book:

Texas Flood Nachos- beef brisket with a chipotle BBQ crema that started sweet (which is normally something I don't like) but mixed with the pickled jalapeno and avocado, it was amazing. I always hate to order nachos because the chips always get so soggy; not this time- these chips kept their crispy integrity making every bite crispy deliciousness.

Austinite Taco- high quality marinated steak that was cooked just so to remain juicy and tender. Cheese, avocado, marinated onions, crema, and cheese on a flour tortilla- how can you go wrong?


You'll find this garden of heavenly tacos at:
6765 Land O Lakes Blvd
Land O Lakes, FL 34638
Tel: 813-501-4976

And on the web here.

No reservations needed. Open Monday-Sunday, 11am-9pm. Tell them we sent you, and tell us what you thought at

Some feedback, via Facebook:

Cat and I ate here again Sunday after leaving her dad's house, 5 minute ride. It was busy but still got seats outside. Good beer choices. IMO it's better to keep your orders on the simpler side. Example, bbq brisket taco not a good idea. We had shrimp taco; it was good, tuna taco; awesome. Also a double mesa chicken burrito for myself hit the spot. Dry not wet - too messy. SUNDAY - kids meals $1. [Our kid] had chicken taco and apple sauce. Find something to do in pasco and hit it late afternoon. Just my opinion.