Just Drinks, at Fodder & Shine

Old Seminole Heights


From the Green Book: Foder bar1

This isn't a full [GBRB] entry; just a couple of notes on the bar.

I really like this bar. I love the scale of it. Its size-- length, breadth, and height-- all seem proportionate to my thirst for spirits. They make some classic sh**, like sidecars, gimlets, and a damn good sazerac .

Then they've got the new stuff [The "New Friends" section of the cocktail menu- M], but those cocktails too give a nod to tradition (the "I-75" a play on the classic "French 75," for example). The "Major Award" is probably my favorite. It's a play on the classic "Rattlesnake" and a clever A Christmas Story reference at the same time.

We watched the first half of the Superbowl here this year, and it was fun [Since this writing, I also came here for a bunch of Lightning games durring the NHL play-offs, and that was even more fun. And not just because they gave out free shots every time the Lightning scored-M]. There are usually good people here, and always good bartenders (they're not people).

I Like the music. I like that I could play pool if I wanted. I just don't right now; so what? I like that if four friends showed up, we'd just grab a giant semi-circular booth and keep after it. And I like the beer selection: 100% Florida beers, many from right here.

What I'm saying is this: this is a great bar that makes me want to come back over and over. Also, probably Tampa's best Sazerac (suck it, Roux).

Since that day in February when I scribbled the above thoughts into my green notebook, we've been back to Fodder & Shine many times, so I thought I'd add a few other notes.
They host a team trivia night on Sundays that we've attended many times now (and won Twice!). That's a lot of fun.
While you're at the bar, grab a chicken biscuit from their "In Between Menu" for just $6, or if chicken is really your thing, just order a 1/4 or 1/2 fried bird. This is the best fried chicken in Tampa, in my estimation. Finally, the smoked mullet spread is a must. I have strong opinions about mullet spread, and I think F&S' is the best around.

You'll find Fodder & Shine at:
TAMPA, FL, 33604

tel. 813-234-3710

From their website:

Dining Room Hours: Sun-Wed 5p-10p | Thur-Sat 5p-11p | Full Menu served
Bar Hours: Sun 1p-12a | Mon-Thur 5p-12a | Fri 5p-2a | Sat 1p-2a

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