Il Ritourno

Downtown St. Pete


[This is the very 1st restaurant "remembrance" in my Green book. Speaking for myself, my style as a journaler/reviewer was only just emerging. Please be patient with me as I progress. Once again, I am copying faithfully from the Books. Mel didn't bring her Red book this time]

From the Green Book:

1st: Charcuterie and cheese-

Excellent stuff- good variety, some spiciness. Nothing made in house, but all delicious.

2nd: Sweetbreads and Octopus Puttanesca-

The sweetbreads were as good as any I've ever had. Crispy and rich. The octopus was good, but I've had better.


Mel had the Mezzaluna with short ribs. I tried it, and it ate really dry, and a bit underseasoned. I got a squid-ink pasta "Nero" with royal reds (shrimp) and little-neck clams. Mine was way underseasoned. It needed salt and acid. I wanted to ask for some salt and a couple lemon slices, but our waiter had fucking vanished. I was bummed, and I should've made an issue of it, but I didn't. No desert.

You can find Il Ritourno at:
449 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

They don't seem to be on Open Table, so call for reservations:

What do you think?

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