La V

Downtown St. Pete


From the Green Book:


Let's not bury the lede here: La V has the best Banh Mi I've ever had. Ever. We split the ripped-pork with an egg added on top, and it blew my f*ing mind.

For the mains, I got a "fusion" noodle dish with shrimp and pork. It was very tasty, as was M's seafood fried rice (not on the menu, but recommended by the server), but neither was life-changing. I drank an Old Elephant Foot.

The space is really nice, though there were two TV's that kept sucking my attention. There's a nice, long bar that would probably be a good bet for weekend-rush dining. We'll definitely be back to try more stuff, and get more of that ridiculous Bahn Mi.

4.0 of 5 for me.

From the Red Book:


Ripped-Pork Banh Mi with a little "La V" on top, and an over-easy egg to make it complete. Crisp outer, soft inner make the perfect French bread. The veg. was not too pickled to overwhelm the creaminess of the egg or the flavor of the pork. AMAZING.

Seafood fried rice: Very filling. Pretty good dish with the exception of the rubbery calamari. Toward the end of the rice dish, I felt almost a molasses-like thickness in each bite-- not bad, just a little strong. Maybe I was just getting full?

(FYI, the wait was a little long for the food)

4.0 out of 5

Would you look at that? We agreed on a score again! If you want to give La V a try (and if you love Banh Mi, you should), you'll find them open 7-days, 10am to 10pm at:

441 Central Ave
St Petersburg FL 33701
Tel: 727.820.3500

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