Riddle on the Griddle

Food Truck


(Mom's Day, at Southern Brewing)

From the Green Book:

Ordering was very smooth, despite the large line (and she broke a $100-bill for me). The wait [after ordering] was less than six minutes for three grilled cheeses. All three of us ordered the "Che-bacon," but only I opted for the Habanero-jack cheese.

Each grilled cheese is served with a pickle (very nice), and a ramekin of tomato-soup-ish sauce. Lovely touches, both. The sandwiches themselves were delicious. Really, really good. All of us were very pleased. I may go back for another. The bread was crisp (as was the bacon), and not too oily. The cheese was melted through. I can't really imagine a better grilled cheese. They were $6 each.


  • Logistics: 5.0 of 5
  • Tastiness and Execution: 4.5 of 5 *
  • Value for Money: 5.0 of 5

Average: 4.8 (Best truck so far!)

*Note: I might have given a 5 for "tastiness" as well, but my two co-dinners persuaded me that their sandwiches needed "a little something" to broaden the flavor profile. Remember, I got the habanero-jack cheese, and they didn't, so I think mine had that little something extra, but OK.

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