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Why We're here:

[The following, like most posts on this site, is copied directly from a page in my restaurant journal, AKA "The Green Book"]

Hi. I'm Matt, and this is my food, drink, and restaurant journal. It was my wife Melissa's idea that we both start writing down our impression in real time as we try new places, so that time can't muddy our recollections.

It begins February 13th, 2015 (though I'm writing this a day later), and we agreed that we shouldn't include any older memories (Thanks Brian Williams!). Mel wants to keep her's (The Red Book) pure and focused just on restaurants, but mine is going to be a bit broader. Anyway, let's see how long I can keep from losing this. After all, I do like a tiple at these places.

Good luck, journal (& Space Pen ).*

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