"Who's Your Dumplin?"

Food Truck

[This is the first food truck I encountered after starting The Green Book, and I made up a rating scheme for trucks on the spot. If you have thoughts and/or criticisms about my rating scheme, let me know at greenbookredbook@gmail.com Thanks!]

From the Green Book:

The dumplings are five to an order for $7. I chose the "Shall we GDANSK," which were filled with mushrooms, shallots, and herbs & spices. They were delicious, but a little greasy. Also, some were crisped-up on the bottom and others were not. The other filling options (squash, pork, beef, shrimp) sounded good too.


  • Logistics: 5/5
    • (speed, payment, has what's on the sign, functionality of the truck, etc.)
  • Tastiness & Execution: 3/5
  • Value for Money: 3/5

Average: 3.7

(Does it make sense to rate the three categories equally? Let me know what you think!)